Treatment For Peri-implantitis & Mucositis

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Experience our personalized approach to treating peri-implantitis and mucositis, ensuring the longevity of your dental implants.

Living with dental implants? At Sean Rhee, DDS, we offer specialized treatments for peri-implantitis and mucositis, which can affect dental implant success. We understand that maintaining your dental implants is just as important as getting them, which is why we’re committed to providing you with comprehensive care that ensures your long-term health and satisfaction.

Peri-implantitis and mucositis can cause discomfort and affect the stability of your dental implants if left untreated. With our personalized treatments, we aim to effectively manage these conditions, preserving your dental implants and promoting your oral health. Reach out to our Woodland, CA office for an appointment today!

What Is Peri-implantitis?

Peri-implantitis is a bacterial infection that presents itself in the gum and bone surrounding a dental implant. It’s often caused by the accumulation of harmful bacteria, which could result from insufficient oral hygiene or other systemic health factors like diabetes. This bacterial invasion leads to inflammation, causing damage to the soft tissues and eventually resulting in bone loss around the implant area.  As the condition progresses, the implant loses its necessary support, leading to implant instability and, in worst-case scenarios, implant failure. Regular check-ups and proper oral care practices can help detect and manage peri-implantitis early, preventing such consequences.

What Is Mucositis?

Mucositis, often considered the precursor to peri-implantitis, is a condition that primarily affects the gum tissues around a dental implant without the involvement of the underlying bone. Characterized by inflammation, redness, and possible discomfort in the gums surrounding the implant, mucositis can signal that harmful bacteria are starting to accumulate. 

Although it does not result in bone loss like peri-implantitis, if mucositis is not promptly and effectively addressed, it can advance to the more serious condition of peri-implantitis. It’s essential to reach out to us at the first signs of mucositis, so we can take appropriate action.

How Are These Conditions Treated?

At our practice, we take a comprehensive approach to treating peri-implantitis and mucositis, ensuring optimal oral health for our patients. You can find a comprehensive list of our treatment options below.

Professional Cleaning

This primary step involves meticulously removing plaque and bacterial biofilm from the implant surface, often employing specialized instruments designed to clean without damaging the implant. In addition, we may also carry out a procedure known as “implantoplasty,” where we smooth the implant surface to deter further bacterial accumulation and make future cleaning easier.


To aid in eradicating bacterial infection, we may prescribe antibiotics. These can either be systemic, meaning they are taken orally, or local, delivered directly to the infection site to minimize any potential side effects and ensure a higher concentration of the medicine where it’s most needed.

Surgical Treatment

When peri-implantitis has progressed to a severe stage where significant bone loss has occurred, surgical intervention might be necessary. In this procedure, we clean the implant surface thoroughly and undertake measures to regenerate the lost bone. This could involve bone grafting or guided bone regeneration techniques. With advancements in dental technologies, these procedures are increasingly successful and can help restore the stability of the dental implant.

How To Prevent Implant Complications?

Prevention is always better than cure—the same applies to implant diseases. Good oral hygiene, regular dental check-ups, and avoiding harmful habits like smoking can help keep these conditions at bay.

Protecting Your Implants, Safeguarding Your Health

We strive to ensure your dental implants serve you well for a lifetime. Our comprehensive treatment plans for peri-implantitis and mucositis aim to tackle these conditions effectively and strive to preserve your implants and boost your oral health. 

Start your journey towards top-notch, professional dental care in our Woodland, CA office today. Let our skilled team cater to your dental needs with exceptional proficiency, unwavering dedication, and a thorough understanding of your concerns.

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