What We Do

Our goal is to create a healthy and maintainable environment in your mouth.

It is a team effort.

The dentist and assistant, the hygienist, and the office manager will work with YOU, the most important member of the team, to establish and promote a healthy oral environment.

Our process is:

  • Periodontal Evaluation
  • Continuing Periodontal Monitoring and Re-Evaluation
  • Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings and Oral Hygiene Instruction
  • Non-Surgical Periodontal Scaling/Root Planing
  • Periodontal Surgery – includes a multitude of treatment modalities
  • Implants
  • Continuing correspondence and updates with your dentist

We provide all treatments related to periodontal health and the placement of implants, and we do this in a gentle, safe, and friendly environment. We always strive to keep you and your referring dentist informed about the current status of your periodontal health and any recommendations we may have for improving the condition of your teeth and gums. 

We welcome questions and open dialogues with the team. We know that a successful team approach to periodontal health depends on earning your trust and respect. And all of us in Dr. Rhee’s periodontal practice strive to earn that trust and respect with every visit to our office.

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